At BigM Car Servicing we offer great deals on exhausts for a wide selection of cars.

The importance of maintaining a healthy exhaust system and the impact a faulty exhaust system can have on the environment is not something people automatically think about. Please call today for your free safety check.

A main part of an exhaust system is the 'Catalytic Converter'. This helps to reduces harmful emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. All petrol cars from 1993 and all diesel cars from 1997 have catalytic converters fitted.

FREE Exhaust & Catalytic Convertor Inspections Catalytic Convertors from £149.95 – Please call for a quote
Ford FiestaBack Box  £59.95Centre and Back Box  £119.95
Citro├źn SaxoBack Box  £59.95Centre and Back Box  £119.95
Renault MeganeBack Box  £79.95Centre and Back Box  £159.95
Vauxhall AstraBack Box  £99.00Centre and Back Box  £189.95
Vauxhall CorsaBack Box  £59.95Centre and Back Box  £149.95

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